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The deadline to get a free upgrade to Windows 10 has unfortunately now passed. Don’t worry we got you covered. Here at, we provide promo code to get windows 10 home at the best price. Students, Faculty, Parents and Military get 10% off on the Windows 10 Home purchase or upgrade. offers latest Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals on Windows 10 Home.

Windows 10 home come with features like: Start Menu, Cortana, Battery Saver, Windows Hello, Virtual desktops, Snap Assist, Continuum, Microsoft Edge, Device encryption, Microsoft Passport and Maximum supported RAM of 128GB

The Start menu is back and like nothing anyone's ever seen so you can customize it. Windows 10 home is Fast and responsive.

Cortana, the personal assistant, learns about you Depending on your device, choose what works best for what you're doing.

Windows 10 comes with apps (Photos, Maps, Music, Video, and more) that work across your devices.

Windows 10 Promo Code

Windows 10 Home is the basic version of Windows 10 and it is best suits for the basic users. It's fast and responsive. Windows 10 is designed to use in pcs, tablets and 2-in-1's. Windows 10 home comes with features like Continuum, Start Menu, Battery saver, Microsoft Edge, Device encryption, Microsoft Passport, Windows Hello, Virtual desktops, Snap Assist. here are the top Windows 10 features we think you should try first. Click on the get the Deal option to buy windows 10 home using latest windows 10 home promo code.


To get the most out of Cortana, you should tell her about your interests. To do this click on the search button, Cortana will pop up and ask few permissions like voice and digital inking recognition, access your location data and the name Cortana wants to call you. That's it you are ready to go! You can ask Cortana "Tell me a story" or set a reminder like Remind me to wash the car Tomorrow at 7 P.M.


Like Windows 10, Edge aims to make life simple. By default, Edge Browser uses the Bing search engine to search. Exploring with the New edge browser is quite simple. Just Type a web address in search box and navigate by using arrows. Edge also uses Cortana and Bing to help you find what you're searching for on the internet.


Windows 10 finally brought the Start menu, and it’s more customizable than ever. You can Organize, Edit, Delete, or Add New Apps to start Menu and you can also Resize the Start Menu. There is a new feature called Live Tile Updates, you can turn it off if you'd like to. You can also Choose whatever folders you need to appear on the new Start menu.


Virtual desktops are finally added as a feature in Windows 10. If you’ve Previously used Linux or Mac, you know this feature can be a very useful. This feature is locating on the taskbar. Tapping on the "Task View” button brings up the Task View interface, here you can see your open windows that in Virtual desktop that you have added. There you can find "Add a desktop” button. Click it to add another virtual desktop.


Tablet mode is a new feature in windows 10. Tablet Mode provides a more touch-friendly experience by making all applications run at full screen. To configure tablet mode, you just need to go in to settings and then go into system, there you will find tablet mode in the left side, Then turn on "make Windows more touch friendly when using your device as a tablet". Toggle it off to go to desktop mode. Turn on the "Don't ask me and always switch if you want Windows 10 to change modes on your 2-in-1 desktop without asking you.

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