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Purchasing a New PC or Choosing a new OS or Upgrading Old Windows versions? Windows 10 is the newest versions of Windows from Microsoft which seamlessly works on multi-devices. offers the latest and verified Windows 10 Promo Code & Coupon Codes for great deals on your purchase of Windows 10 OS. We also track Microsoft's Windows 10 PC Sale offers, where you can save up to $500 Off on Windows 10 PCs. Special 10% Off on Windows 10 from Microsoft for Students, Parents of Students and Faculty of the selected education institutions. Students can also avail great deals on Back-to-School promotional offers. Get great deals on Windows 10 with Cyber Monday and Black Friday offers. Avail exclusive offers on Windows 10 on Thanksgiving day, Xmas and Holiday discount sales from Microsoft.

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Windows 10 Home: Best suits home users, students, small and medium businesses. Boots very fast, expanded start menu, works seamless on PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles. Bundled with new browser, Microsoft Edge, Cortana (digital assistant), improved address bar & more. Make use of the Windows 10 Home promo code for a great deal on your purchase of Microsoft's Windows 10 Home.

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Windows 10 Gaming: Enjoy your PC games, stream Xbox games, connect to Xbox live groups, better graphic performance providing you stunning visuals and Xbox controller compatability.

Windows 10 Mobile: Windows 10 seamlessly works on multi-devices. Works efficiently on Surface Pro Tablets and Windows Mobile devices.

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Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows. The performance of Windows 10 had improved a lot from the already impressive speed. You don't need to wait 2-3 minutes to boot your PC; now it's possible in a seconds. Yes, you heard it right! Windows 10 will boot in less than 3 seconds. Microsoft confirmed that the free upgrade to Windows 10 offer for the public ended on July 29 and won't extended. Unfortunately, it's not free now. Don't worry we provide latest Windows 10 promo codes to ensure that all of our users to grab the windows 10 with discount price.

Microsoft wants Windows 10 would be a platform for all. Like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, Windows 10 is also built on the Windows NT kernel, but Windows is shared between the different devices and apps. Windows 10 will run not only on PCs but phones, Windows 10 for IoT devices, HoloLens headsets and Xbox One as well.

The new Windows 10 comes with features like sticky Notes and Cortana, Windows Hello facial and fingerprint recognition, Virtual Desktops, Microsoft Edge, Start Menu which is customizable, Cortana and music are accessible on the lock screen.

For those who are thinking what makes Windows 10 great, we have gathered some cool features; these are the features that go alive on all modern devices and render opportunities to work across different devices, stay organized and personalize the system.

The Start Menu is Back!

You can find all your options in Start Menu. You can also turn off Live Tile functionality if would like to. It's your choice you can choose to have the Start menu to the full screen to recreate a more Windows 8 experience.


Microsoft has built its personal voice assistant Cortana. You can also search the web to get some quick answers for example "What’s the weather like?" or "what are the latest news?". You can also set reminders, add calendar events.

Tablet Mode:

Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 makes a clear difference between desktops and tablets. If you're using a keyboard, mouse with Windows 10, you'll be in desktop mode by default. If your computer is touchscreen, you can go into tablet mode. You just need hit Tablet mode option in lower right side of the windows 10.

Microsoft Edge:

Finally, Microsoft killed Internet Explorer and made a new browser called Edge. There was a lot of mess about internet explorer back in 2014 as it acts like a tortoise. Microsoft now came up with the new browser Edge which is fast and has several unique features like text-only reader mode, an annotation tool, and even Cortana integration. The best thing about Edge is It’s the only browser that can stream Netflix at 1080p.

Xbox Play Anywhere:

Xbox Play Anywhere brings universal gaming to Xbox and Windows 10 devices. Which means if you start playing a game on Xbox you can later play it on windows 10pc including Halo Wars 2 and Gears of War 4. Better graphic performance and stunning Xbox controller compatibility will surely attract the gamers.

Windows Ink:

Set ideas in motion with Windows Ink which puts power of Windows in the tip of your tablet pen. Stylus users will be able to modify their pen's buttons and settings from the Devices tab of the Settings menu. Just like you write on a paper with a pen, you can write on your device,create sticky notes, share your analog thoughts and views in digital world and draw on a whiteboard. Windows Ink can be easily found at the bottom right of your screen; by clicking on the small pen icon.

Improved Windows Defender:

If you try to install any Third-party anti-virus program then windows defender automatically disables itself. There is a new feature in Windows defender called Limited Periodic Scanning which acts as an additional line of defense. In enterprise version, the Anniversary Update will bring Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection which will stop malicious attacks on your network.

New emojis:

Microsoft Windows 10 comes with new emojis which are detailed, expressive.

Central Notification Center:

Microsoft has finally added this much-needed feature to Windows 10. You can click the notification tray icon in the bottom right side of the screen to open up your notifications. It will show you all your notifications.

Active Hours:

In Windows 10 there is a setting called Active hours which comes under --> update & security --> windows update --> Change working hours. In Which you can set correspond to the hours you're normally active on your computer. The advantage with this setting is Windows will not restart your PC to install updates while you are working.

Multiple Desktops:

Microsoft Windows 10 has added a new feature called multiple desktops. You can create and manage multiple desktops. You can add and quickly move between them and jump between desktops by pressing Win-Tab.

Android Notifications in your Action Center:

The Cortana app for Android can now connect your Android device with your Windows 10 PC for convenient "universal" notifications.

Comprehensive Security:

Windows 10 takes user security seriously; users can rest assured about protection with anti-virus, firewall, Defender and anti-phishing technologies that are part of this latest OS. The best part- they are all supported for the lifetime of your device!

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